One-time cleaning & cleaning of the construction site, yard or upon delivery

Cleaning company for the one-time cleaning of your house in Aarschot

Even if you are not looking for permanent cleaning help, you can count on our cleaning staff in Aarschot. We specialise in one-off rental property cleaning, leaving the home spotless for new tenants.

This allows you to focus on repairs and other outstanding jobs in an otherwise busy time. We can also clean your home following renovation projects.

One-time cleaning when entering a new house or apartment

One-time cleaning when leaving a rental house or apartment behind

One-time cleaning when a tenant leaves

One-time cleaning following a death

Clean & Blink

Cleaning yards in Aarschot and the surrounding area

Clean & Blink provides professional cleaning to production sites in many ways, for example, after new window installation or proceeding demolition and renovation work. This doesn't just include dirty work, such as cleaning up residual waste and mortar residue, but also final cleaning of the property, so the building is ready for client viewing and delivery. 

We can also take charge of interim cleaning, ensuring the construction site is immediately safe and ready for the next subcontractor. This includes, among other things:

Interim cleaning of the new building

Removal of construction waste and rubble

Sorting pallets

Removal of cement residue

Sweeping and sanding

Cleaning delivery house by Clean & Blink in Aarschot

We at Clean & Blink can provide the first cleaning of the new building or renovation project (houses or apartments) before or after completion of building work. We clean the property from top-to-bottom, ensuring a perfect first cleaning of the new building. Our services include both interior and exterior cleaning.

Cleaning of floors and internal glazing

Removal of labels and stickers

Dustproofing of the building (incl. walls and ceilings)

Removal of paint residue and splashes

Cleaning of the new kitchen and bathroom

Removal of cement residue

Dustproofing of ventilation ducts

Cleaning of terraces, driveways, garages ...

Cleaning of balustrades and external glazing

Seat cleaning and carpet cleaning

Cleaning for the delivery of industrial buildings and apartment buildings

Our experienced cleaning experts are ready for both large and small cleaning challenges. So don't just call us in for the cleaning upon delivery of a house, but also for the delivery of entire apartment buildings or industrial premises.

We count on an extensive team and can guarantee fast cleaning times, ensuring the viewing or delivery will not be compromised.

Contact us today for an accurate cleaning quote.